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Discover My Ayurvedic Journey: Natural Hair & Skin Care Inspired by Tradition

Herbal Edge founder displaying bottle of the Onion Hair Oil. This product fights hair loss.

Herbal Edge was born out of my belief in Ayurveda. To me, it's a way of life, and the goodness of simple, household ingredients really fascinates me.

I was born in India, into a family that had practiced Ayurveda actively for generations. With time, I learned more. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda literally means
"The Science of Life". It is all about maintaining a balance between one's body, mind, and consciousness. This resonated strongly with me, as I believe that balance is the key to a healthy and happy life. Far beyond a fad or a temporary practice, this is a way of life that has evolved since Vedic times. I was selfishly more inclined towards the personal care aspect. So by the time I was a teenager, I was making my own herbal shampoos & Ayurvedic body wash powders (ubtan) using Ayurveda-inspired ingredients.

It's only much later that I realized how truly wonderful and effective those simple rituals were, after I started using commercial hair colors and harsh shampoos. This left me with dry, damaged hair. It was further aggravated by the change in climate and water when I moved to Canada. While I loved it here, I just hated how dull and lifeless my hair had started looking. The search for remedies took me back to what I always believed in!

My first formulation was something that was commonly made in my ancestral home, Onion Hair Oil. This was my first all-natural hair care product that I started applying regularly. The difference to my hair was palpable with significantly reduced hair loss and a visible gloss and volume!

Seeing the results for myself over a few months, I wanted to share the goodness with everyone and started sharing this with friends and family. Their experience and faith in my formulation led me to formally launch this as the first product for Herbal Edge Canada. This pre-conditioning treatment is an easy way to incorporate the gift of Ayurvedic herbs into one's routine, without loading your hair with sulfates and parabens (guilt-free goodness is what I call it). It's literally a one-stop product for your hair.

The Herbal Edge Onion Hair Oil was a game changer and I've had the privilege to reach out to clients across 7 countries with this product. It motivated me to broaden my product offering, and I added a range of Ayurvedic face packs. Again, 100% natural, free of artificial chemicals and preservatives, and a sensorial delight! My products are natural, with just what you need. Honest-to-goodness formulations minus any harsh chemicals & fragrances.

My approach to customer service is based on transparency and I believe that every purchase on this site is just the beginning of my association with clients. I try to be available for all clients personally, to share usage tips and natural healing remedies based on traditional approaches whenever possible.

I invite you to join the Herbal Edge Canada family and support my mission for natural hair care and skin care goodness.