5 star reviews Herbal Edge I wanted to thank you for your onion oil. It is just amazing and is working wonders on my hair. My hair has always been very frizzy, but after just one application, I noticed a huge difference. My hair is now a lot smoother and shiny, too. Not only did I notice this difference, but a few of my friends noticed it too and right away ordered this oil for themselves. Have used this oil 3-4 times so far, and after each usage, I see the quality improving 😊😊. My husband is using the oil more than I do, and he is loving it too. His hair has become dense and shiny, too. I guess I will have to order another one just for myself as he is literally using up the one I have 😊😊. Thank you once again, and God bless you always !!"-  Bharati, ON, Canada

5 star reviews Herbal Edge It's been 3 months that my son has been using your onion oil, just twice a week, a good scalp massage. I must appreciate that I have now started to see that his bald area(back top) which was earlier large enough to fit in a toonie, is now covered really well and we see just a bit as wide as our fingertip. So truly appreciate your efforts in bringing this product to the community here in Canada....keep up the good work.👏👏👍 Soon, we will be ordering a refill😃👍.- D.S- ON, Canada

5 star reviews Herbal Edge Love this hair oil! I've tried many different hair oils and have not been fully satisfied with any of them, but after trying this one I can tell I'll be using it for the long run. I could see reduction in my hair fall after using the product for just about 3 weeks. It smells great and feels really nice when applied to my hair. Excellent Product!- Puneet, ON, Canada

5 star reviews Herbal Edge Instantly Stop’s hair fall and am seeing hair growth immediately.- Jeffery, ON, Canada

5 star reviews Herbal EdgeI tried the oil this afternoon. My hair feels very silky! It is a high quality product and I hope you sell tons of them! Thx again - Stephanie, ON, Canada

5 star reviews Herbal EdgeIt’s an amazing product! My hair was extremely dry .. after only 2 applications it feels so much better and there is a sheen to it. Not only that but there is also less hair fall. I recommend it wholeheartedly!! - Sneh, BC, Canada

5 star reviews Herbal Edge Just tried the Triphala Face Mask...it's a masterpiece! I got the tan of the whole week off from my face and neck I'm surely going for a big bottle next time around. Loved it! - Nikita, ON, Canada

5 star reviews Herbal EdgeFinally got to try my oil. I have applied it three times in the last 8 days and I can’t be happier. My hair feels so soft and I truly feel that the onion is doing it’s job - Manjul, California, US

5 star reviews Herbal Edge Just washed off the Triphala Face Pack and man-o-man, look who was hiding there! Well, all I have to say is "Hello Spring". Megha, you have created a new avatar - Naomi, ON, Canada

5 star reviews Herbal Edge Excellent product Megha! It definitely makes a difference. I instantly noticed my hair was shinier and looked healthier. I can't wait to see more hair growth. Will recommend to friends and family! - Nayab, Brampton, ON

5 star reviews Herbal Edge I wanted to let you know I am truly impressed not only with the consistency, smell, ease to put on and wash off but also the fact that it is all herbal, no chemical formula - Aarti, ON, Canada 

5 star reviews Herbal Edge I've been noticing a definite difference in my hair texture, thanks again :-) - Katie, ON, Canada

5 star reviews Herbal Edge Just fantastic experience! The Triphala mask was soooo smooth and gentle on the skin... After the wash, made my skin soft, supple and moisturized!!! Thank you sooo much :-) - Anusha, ON, Canada