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Neem Wood Comb

Neem Wood Comb

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Herbal Edge Neem Combs are here to add more sheen and lustre to your hair, the natural way. These Neem combs have numerous benefits that can help you move closer to your healthy hair goals.

To begin with, they are handcrafted from 100% sustainable, ethically sourced Neem wood, and Neem is a wonder plant with immense medicinal benefits. For instance, its antibacterial and germicidal properties deter the growth of infections, and therefore fights dandruff and lice. In addition, Neem combs are good for all hair types.

Made by skilled craftsmen from India, the rounded wood bristles of these combs help in enhancing blood circulation and ensuring lesser breakage and hair fall with each use. The teeth are not sharp, making the combs gentle on your scalp. In fact, using them everyday is like a mini massage with a stimulating effect on your scalp! They also help spread the natural oils on your scalp evenly through your hair, making your hair feel smooth and nourished.

These combs are 7" long, easy to hold and need very little maintenance. The best part, they’re eco-friendly and compostable as they are made of unpolished wood without any lacquer.

Neem combs offer a clear advantage over plastic combs which can cause static adding more frizz. Plastic combs also increase the chance of fungal infections on your scalp, leading to scalp acne.

Don't forget, using a Neem comb also results in using lesser plastic and doing our bit for the planet :-)

How to use for best results:
• Comb at least twice a day, making sure the comb is gently touching the scalp.
• Wide-toothed neem combs can be used on wet hair as they are great for detangling with minimum breakage.
• Detangle your hair before you sleep.

Taking care of your Neem Comb:
• Keep your neem comb dry & away from water. Always wipe it with a cloth or tissue if wet.
• Regularly oil your comb with either coconut/olive or neem oil. Gently rub a few drops on the comb and set aside. This is an important step to avoid cracks in your comb.

Take another step towards your healthy-hair goals!

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